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Hadn't you noticed that I use "yesterday" a LOT lately in this journal? Well that's because after that particular day, I'm already  tired so I'd always drop dead on my bed, snoring like a bear.

NOW, unto the event!

There were sooo many people! There were so many comics as well! I tried to look at each and every manga and comics in that venue. I still missed some but I saw most.

It was tiring. I got dizzy. But It was fun.

I got lots of things.

Autographed books, autographed cards, autographed indies, free button pins, and a sore back XD

I tried to support my friends who sold their stuffs there. Unfortunately I didn't see MY OTHER friends so i was unable to buy and help them as well =___= ;;;;

I thought, that if I went to the komikon, I'll only experience my terrible inferiority complex again.

But I didn't... I REALLY didn't.

I didn't scorn, I didn't envy. I was purely happy with all the arts and artists around me. I don't know why...

I really am starting to change. Even if it's just a bit.

I'm planning to make a comics group. I'm waiting for macollado's answer to my offer. I want to be able to join next year's komikon... with a decent indie XDDDD


I saw my comic heroesssss I'M REALLY HAPPY!!!!! ^____^ I can't believe I conversed and shook hands with them!